Client: Urbane Group
Completion Date: 2013
Scope: Interior Design
Location: Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

The design palette for Mirai was dictated by the beauty of natural lava stone, dark solid wood, and papyrus. One of the predominant design features is a custom-made wall cladding that celebrates the craft of basketry, which is predominant in the historical and contemporary cultures of Asia and Egypt.
The diner is seated in a space which is wrapped in a pattern mimicking the intricate craft of basketry, with different materials backlit and carefully studied to emulate an intricate weave of wood, mirror and acrylic. The bars, as well as the 'weave' cladding behind them, contain elements of acrylic embedded with papyrus, gently backlit to accentuate its fibers. With the Cairene Nile as a breathtaking backdrop, the space is dotted with sculptures inspired by the contemporary Chinese art scene, specifically Li Chen.  His sculptures, typically round and minimalist, are both classical and modern and are infused with personal sentiment and modern spirit.