Client: Pottery Café
Completion Date: 2013
Scope: Interior Design
Location: Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt


For the design of Pottery Café’s latest branch in Mall of Arabia, Eklego’s team took the idea of handcrafts as a starting point for the design concept. The word ‘pottery’ and craft always go hand in hand, and the designers decided to use elements which are highly ‘crafted’ and custom-made, showcasing the best in Egyptian workmanship.

Custom-designed fabrics feature strongly in the overall look of the space, having been especially designed and printed for Pottery Café.  The brightly colored local fabrics feature patterns based on the abstracted form of a shisha, with matching textiles based on an abstracted Bukhara flower.   

All the furniture is locally-made, celebrating what is available from Egypt in terms of both good design and excellent craft.  Blown glass pendants in the shape of gas lanterns hang from the ceiling, while mouth-blown glass shishas adorn the base of the shisha bar. The flooring consists of decorative traditionally-crafted cement tiles that lie in strips on the floor, alternating with heavy duty strips of ceramic tiles.