Client: Mori Co.
Completion Date: 2012
Scope: Interior Design
Location: Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Mince, one of Cairo’s premier gourmet burger outlets, is the latest addition to Zamalek’s vibrant food scene. The main point of inspiration behind the design is the owners’ love for burgers and street food. The designers sought to maintain the informal and slightly chaotic atmosphere of street food vendors by creating a dynamic space where diners can connect to the kitchen and food being prepared.

The pre-existing interior layout of the restaurant was narrow and divided into two separate venues, which the designers decided to utilize in the design concept. The restaurant is separated into two principal areas; the kitchen which is designed to resemble a mobile food truck,  and a long and narrow seating area that resembles a side alley. The  outer walls of  the kitchen are covered in corrugated metal sheets which wrap on to the exterior of the shop, while the use of exposed black AC ducts and red brick walls give the dining area continue the street-like feel.  Solid wooden tables reminiscent of a butcher's cutting board are lined up along the length of the dining area, with metal chairs for seating. The exterior signage features bright green neon lights, while the bathroom features graffiti painted ceilings, a steel door, and pipe-like lighting pendants.  A large glass window separates the busy kitchen from the dining space, with a self-service pick-up window located on the exterior façade, making the entire ordering, waiting, pick-up and eating experience both dynamic and relaxed.