Client: Tache Art »Visit Website
Completion Date: 2011
Scope: Interior Design
Location: Designopolis, Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

Tache Art is the newest art gallery to open in Designopolis and is dedicated to contemporary Egyptian art, playing host to various exhibits, seminar and other activities. The creative design process for the interiors of the Tache Art gallery was driven by the client’s enthusiasm for the art gallery’s intended program.  The idea that the space could be playful with the program ignited the concept that it should physically and architecturally encourage new media and activities.  Inspired by pop up shops, which take over existing spaces and are temporary, and pop up art, which is an art form that manipulates planes and surfaces, the gallery space is crafted by the new planes and surfaces that are designed within the gallery.

The main design feature is a floating surface of white gypsum board, which wraps the entire gallery in a sort of endless loop which appears to “pop” out from the surface of the existing shell. The white gypsum board is reminiscent of countless white-walled galleries, but here it is juxtaposed to a plastered dark gray wall behind it which holds the artwork indirectly, emphasizing the pre-existing shell of the space. The large white marble-clad concrete structure that dominates the ground floor has a dual function, as both a staircase leading to the upper level, and as “bleachers” for sitting and displaying sculptures.  The wrapping of the white plane creates volumetric emphasis of the pre-existing space, and unifies the ground and first floor levels, in which the entire experience is a created by the artist’s work and the resulting programs.