Client: Articulate Baboon »Visit Website
Completion Date: 2010
Scope: Interior Design
Location: Designopolis, Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

Articulate Baboon is the first alternative art gallery in Cairo that strives to introduce urban art and discover underground local talent.  The concept for the space was born from exploring what motivates alternative art forms and revealed art that is influenced by the city and its streets, which are saturated with aesthetic and physical relationships. The gallery space was inspired by this eccentricity of the urban street; material relationships/juxtapositions and the blurring of spatial boundaries.

The use of reclaimed wood floors as the ceiling material borrows a story from another part of Cairo, and wood that is usually used as concrete formwork features as one of the prominent materials in the space.  The original glazed facade was deconstructed and replaced with stacked glazed garage doors, making the gallery's facade subtly unique amongst the rest of the commercial complex.  The garage doors allow the entire facade to disappear when the doors are fully open, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside.  This relationship alludes to the experience of creating street art in the city, where boundaries are often ignored, and the materiality of the architecture is vital to the artistic process.  The public and artists alike are encouraged into the space as a continuation of the outdoor experience.