Client: Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC) »Visit Website
Completion Date: (Design) August 2011
Scope: Interior Design
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Eklego designed the interiors of this office space to accommodate ERC’s 100+ employees. Divided over two floors in one of downtown Cairo’s premium office buildings, the space is designed to house the offices of the CEO, senior and middle management, the administration, as well as a series of lounges and waiting areas, meeting rooms, the executive board room, and machette display area.

The concept for the interior design took inspiration from the layers and linear striations of a beach-front land strip, tying it to the client company’s main activity as a sea-side resorts developer. The existing office space lent itself to this concept as it was a long and linear area with a large frontage of windows overlooking the Nile. The design capitalizes on the abundance of natural light and the views of the Nile River, emphasizing the axis along the view as the most important physical experience.

The various layers of a beach front street (water, sand, property, street, and more property), is translated in design where the layout, materials, circulation and functions replicate and render these layers into a highly functional and aesthetic corporate office space.