Client: Private Residence
Completion Date: Under Construction
Scope: Architectural Design
Location: Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

The residential site overlooks one of the most impressive golf courses in Egypt. The site presented a challenge as it is on two adjacent plots of land with a five meter difference in height. Considering the difference between the land levels and the desire to capitalize on the views of the golf course, the design approach deliberately aims to incorporate the residence within the surrounding site and garden. This idea translates into an architecture that both vertically and horizontally integrates the program and the garden, where the garden envelops or pushes into the residence, blurring the boundary between interior and exterior.

A double height space with floor to ceiling views of the garden and golf course vertically links the formal reception and the family living room. Beneath the upper garden are the more reclusive spaces of the wine cellar, study, and spa, while the private family quarters extend out into the landscape, punctuated by garden courts. The upper garden houses the guest quarters and formal spaces, while the formal dining room sits apart surrounded by a delicate copper screen, serving as a lantern in the landscape.